Salon Edjii

The big idea: Creative Director, Eric Moon, opened Salon Edjii in December 2013 with a passion for giving each client the hair cut, color and style that he or she is searching for. Located in Harrisburg, the salon integrates elements of industrial modernity with a relaxed atmosphere, making each visit to the salon a uniquely luxurious experience. Salon Edjii is also space for artist collaboration, always encouraging creativity, style and beauty to truly flourish.

The brand: Salon Edjii brand needed to embody the edge and sophistication of the space. Color is a huge part of what sets this salon apart, so it was a no brainer to play with the full spectrum. We wanted to blend and show the relationship of colors and how this reflects the nature of the craft.

The details: Eric Moon has embraced the brand to a level that is rare. He has kept to his style and brand throughout the years after opening and still continues to evolve. This is an example of branding that you always hope for, someone that embraces the brand and lives it. He took the work we did and ran with it.

The work:

  • Brand identity
  • Logo
  • Web assets
  • Window Decals
  • T-shirt design